Mrs Pickering & Miss Morgan - Class 1: Gallery

Gymnastics - balances , by Miss Morgan

How are shadows formed?, by Miss Morgan

Christmas Disco, by Miss Morgan

Christmas dinner , by Mr Tyson

Nativity rehearsal , by Mrs Foye

Our favourite authors , by Mrs Foye

Reading lesson, by Mr Tyson

Sweet box challenge , by Mr Tyson

Maths - dividing by 10, by Miss Morgan

Science, by Miss Morgan

Dance , by Miss Morgan

Sacred Spaces, by Miss Morgan

States of Matter, by Miss Morgan

Class1-French, by Mrs Brown

PE - Target throw , by Miss Morgan

Science - Invertebrate hunt, by Miss Morgan

Running reporters, by Mrs Pickering

Movie Maker, by Mrs Pickering

Using Place Value Counters, by Mrs Pickering

Negative Numbers , by Miss Morgan

Year 3/4 football, by Mr Tyson

Our class assembly, by Mrs Pickering

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