Class 6 - Bible challenge - Finding the lost

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Mrs Milligan - Church Links Year: 2018 - 2019

Class 6 have completed another bible challenge, 4 in total now. We had some good discussions about the bible reading this week 'The Prodigal son'. This linked nicely with our current Christian value 'Forgiveness'.

Children's responses after we explore the bible passage; 

Why is the son poor and hungry?

Lillia - He spent all of his money.

Daniel - He should have saved his money for when he needed it instead of wasting it. 

Why are they celebrating?

Joe - because his son is so special and he has come back home. His brother and dad were heartbroken and they missed him so much. 

Leo - But what about his other son, is he not special too?

Joe - The dad loves both of them but he is pleased the other son is back home. 


Libby - The dad thought he was lost so he was worried about him. But he returned safe. 

Lexi - Lost has 2 meanings. 1 - Gone away. 2 - He had done something wrong. 

Isla - His son had gone far away. He was lost from his family but now he has returned. He is home and not lost. 

William - His dad thought he was dead, but he isn't lost anymore he has found his way home. 


Why is the dad crying? How is the dad feeling?

Class - The dad is sad because he didn't think he would see his son again.

Abby - Worried.

Marcie & Isla - Shocked.

Grace - Surprised 

George - Happy.

Joe - Relieved. 


Thoughts after watching the video showing the other brother...

Lexi - I feel sorry for other brother but I also think he (other brother) should be happy because his brother has returned. 

Libby - I feel sorry for the other brother. But everyone deserves a second chance. 

Leo - There should be a big party for both of them. 



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