Class 4 - Music/History - Delia Derbyshire

Class: Mr Carruthers - Class 2 Year: 2019 - 2020

We have been learning about the amazing pioneer of electronic music; Delia Derbyshire.  She was part of a team of trailblazers who set up the BBC Polyphonic Workshop.  They used to provide music and special effects for television and radio programs in the 1960s.  They famously created the Dr Who theme.   What made Delia so amazing is she was one of the first people to take recorded sounds and manipulate them electronically, to create new sounds.  Her work is fundamental to all electronic music we listen to today.  Famous electronic groups like The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk are quoted as saying they wouldn’t exist without the legend that is, Delia Derbyshire.   

Check out the video below of us trying to recreate her work.  We recorded some found sounds around school, and we are busy manipulating them digitally to create special effects and eerie themes.  We are currently deciding how best to use our compositions in our WW2 theme.

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