Year 3 and 4 Trip to Castlerigg Stone Circle and Keswick Museum.

Class: Mrs Pickering & Miss Morgan - Class 1 Year: 2018 - 2019

Children had a briliant day learning about neolithic people in Keswick. At the museum, children were asked to use their historical inference skills to identify some stone artefacts. As it turned out they were handling 5000 year old stone axes!  Next they pretended they were archaeolgists and tried to see what they could find by digging. They learnt how archaeologists order the land before started a dig. This was followed up with a discussion where the children identified what they had found and speculated how the item might have been used by neolithic people. Finally, children looked at how animals were used for different purposes by exploring some items made from animal skins. They found out that these were neolithic gloves and sleeping bags. They even tried them on for size themselves. 

At Castlerigg Stone Circle, the children discovered what it was used for and who it was built by. They learnt about the neolithic people who lived in the area and sketched a plan of the surroundings. They thought about the significance of the location and explored some of the theories about the mysterious stone that lies outside the main circle.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience where children aquired knowledge about Neolithic people living in Cumbria. We even found time to play on the park!

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