Understanding Christianity - The People of God. Noah

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Mrs Milligan - Church Links Year: 2017 - 2018

Today we have been looking at the People of God. We focussed on the story of Noah's Ark. We listened to the story and sequenced it, then we made a list of the good qualities of Noah. Finally we discussed questions we might like to ask Noah if we could go back in time. Here are some of the children's responses;

  • Sonny & Ella - Were you scared knowing there was a flood coming? Did you think the Ark would sink in the flood?

  • Maisie.R & Lola - How long did it take you to build the Ark?

  • Bradley & Jayden - How did you feel when God told you to build an Ark?

  • Millie & Alis - Did you feel scared knowing there was a lion on the Ark? Was it hard building the Ark?

  • Anna & Olivia - How did you feel when God said he trusted you? Where did you go when you got off the Ark?

  • Luca & Ethan - Did you feel scared on a boat with a lion? Was it scary when the floods came?

  • Melissa & Maisie.H - Were you pleased God was taking care of you and your family?

  • Alfie & Adam - How did you feel about being on an ark for 40 days and nights? How did you feel when God said he trusted you?

  • Rudi & Aiden - Did you send a female or male dove out? Did you ever get sea sick?

  • Gus & Alana - How did you build your Ark?

  • Jacob & Matthew.D - How come the boat didn't sink with the elephants and Giraffes on board?

  • Rosa & Emme - What did it feel like on the Ark?

As you can see the children really thought hard and carefully about the questions they would like to ask Noah. Next Friday we will be doing some hot seating, so keep a look out for "Noah's responses" to these questions.  

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