Assembly - Thank your vicar week

Class: Mrs Pickering & Miss Morgan - Class 4 Year: 2019 - 2020

This week we took part in a thank your vicar week. We wanted to say a huge thank you to Reverend Jackson for everything he does for us. We understand that being a member of the clergy involves demanding pastoral care and long hours. Reverend Jackson always makes time for us here. Whether it be assemblies, work in classes, prayer space activities in church or the the extra curricular activities he provides such as sing squad and baskeball. We are really grateful for the time he makes for us.

Each class did something special for Reverend Jackson, then during a special assembly on Friday they presented their work to him. The hardest part of the week was keeping it a secret from Reverend Jackson as we wanted to surprise him to show how much we appreciate him. The children were really thoughtful and said some lovely things about Reverend Jackson. 

Class one made some thank you cards which Lily presented to Reverend Jackson. 

Class two created a class acrostic poem which Olivia read to him.

Class three wrote their own thank you prayers which were read by Ellie, Charlotte, Grace, Dean, Miley, Ava, Ananda, Melissa, Emme and Rosa.

Class 4 - Jay and Adam read a bible passage while Alana and Isla talked about their favourite memories they have shared with Reverend Jackson.

Class five created some thank you Haikus which were read by Rihanna, Gus, Jacob, William, Matthew, Sophia, Eren, Ashton, Lola, Abby and Livvy.

Class 6 made some thank you posters which included their favourite memories with Reverend Jackson. The full class presented their posters to him. 

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