Mr Carruthers - Class 4 2019 - 2020

Mr Carruthers

Welcome to Class 4 !!  

We're halfway through the school year (almost), and at the start of a new decade.  Here in Class 4, we think it's a great time to be reflective and, importantly, to look forward!  It's been such an amazing year so far with many adventures and experiences.  We've "evolved" and we've "battled" our way through some tough times.... Our Charles Darwin and World War 2 topics helped us along the way.  We have been on a Beagle Voyage of Discovery, where we met (and held!) some amazing creatures from The Galapagos Islands. We had Father Christmas in our classroom and even an Anderson shelter!  We have also been visited by the elusive Banksy!!

Below, you will find a gallery of all Class 4 work and action shots from all these amazing adventures that we have been on. Click on "View All Gallery Items" to see some of the experiences mentioned above. 

Mr Carruthers' motto is "Mistakes Are The Secret Ingredient To Success": there will be some more great times (and mistakes) ahead of us, with much more success too.

Let's Do This....


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